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SINCE 1972



Creating Beautiful Homes and Communities Throughout Connecticut.

SINCE 1973

If you live in Connecticut, you've probably seen a Temkin home. You can spot one by its traditional beauty, fine craftsmanship, and unique fingerprint. We understand the investment a homeowner makes when he builds a new home or remodels an existing one, so when you chose the Temkin Group—we invest in you and your dream. Each one of our custom homes is built to meet your specific needs, so you're certain to have the home and the lifestyle you've envisioned. 

The Temkin Group is a family owned and operated businesses dedicated to designing, building and managing homes, communities and their infrastructures throughout northwest Connecticut. Like his father before him, Director and CEO Alan Temkin, is deeply enmeshed in community service, and has served as Director for the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Connecticut for over 15 years. Alan has also served on the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut, and the Board of Directors of the Maria Seymour Brooker Memorial.

The Temkin Group is a member of the National Association of Home Builders

and a member of the Connecticut Developer’s Council.

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